“”We engaged the services of Dhaka Films to assist in the production of a Corporate Film for Standard Chartered Bank, and it was by far the most important decision that we made in the entire production process. Having to coordinate the information for the shoot from the UK would have been impossible without the assistance of Dhaka Films as we faced dual pressures of late production request and preparation and the difficult nature of the shoot location (shooting in a Shipbreaking Yard in Chittagong). Dhaka Films proved themselves invaluable in helping liaise with the location including arranging the hotel and also sourcing additional locations of their own initiative, their astute selection of the production crew and the sourcing of the technical equipment as well as their foresight in identifying potential production issues proved crucial to us in producing a quality Film.””
Alex MacDonald
Director of Photography
“” It was a last minute decision to hire a crew in Bangladesh and till date I have absolutely no regrets hiring Roni and his team to organise a 3 day shoot for us in Bangladesh. These guys are seasoned professionals who know how to deliver quality. My very best to Dhaka Films for all their future endeavors and many thanks to Roni for being such a nice host and a thorough professional.””
Charlie Targett-Adams
Senior Creative / Director
“”Having worked with numerous production skills during my career in Film and Media Industry, I was pleasantly impressed by the services provided by the entire team of Dhaka Films. I would have no hesitation in engaging them to produce content for our clients should the need arise in the future and would strongly recommend Dhaka Films as a production partner to other organizations.””
Luc Tremoulet
Senior Producer, Director and Edit Producer