Location Scouting & Recce is known to be a vital process to achieve a successful filming experience. Dhaka Films will do its best to ensure the perfect accomplishment of all projects assigned to it. We carefully scrutinize and research locations that our clients wish for and any obstacles we may encounter. By doing this, we can find the right solutions and brace ourselves for all possible outcomes. When we scout a location, you can be sure that it will be Shoot-Ready and that there will be no unpleasant surprises during the shooting days.

Our team will help you find the right location suitable to the overall mood of your project. We inform the International Production Companies about the actual status of locations and report to them with fresh photos as well as providing other suggestions. We conduct a complete scouting trip to any location around Bangladesh. We coordinate and accompany you during the entire Recce, secure and negotiate location permits and fees. During these trips, we can send you photos, videos, and detailed scouting reports, which will help you to visit these locations without leaving your office.

We pay attention! And we know that attention to detail is all about good location scouting and management.

We have expert local knowledge, including insight into local infrastructure challenges, licensing requirements, and cultural obstacles that could impact your shooting budget and schedule. Following close consultation with our clients, and once locations are selected, we arrange all clearances and permissions for you to film, including privately owned locations and facilities.