The key to a successful production is proper Research. Researching and securing for you the most interesting locations, stories and characters are the features that made us the best in this business! Our extensive knowledge of the country and its culture means that we can find your stories, people, and locations quickly and efficiently. Our Researchers know exactly how to track information quickly, in less cost and are ready to investigate, analyze, study, and examine information to send you clear, concise, and reliable material supported by relevant documentation, surveys, vox pop recordings, photos, and videos. Whether it is a film, a documentary, a news story, a photo shoot or a reality show, we know where to focus in order to provide first-class services to our clients. As documentary filmmakers ourselves, we are not only able to understand what you are looking for but also to interpret and contextualize the information for you. No matter how much information you can gather from the internet and other sources, Bangladesh can still be a challenging place to get accurate information and arrange the kind of foolproof setups that filmmaking requires. Our years of experience as location producers and filmmakers give us an ear to the ground that these sources simply cannot rival.

According to your interests, We conduct research ahead of shooting time to reveal the truth, factual content, and original ideas and we inform you about the realistic information – technical, cultural, and historical info that relates to the story of your project. We track down specific subjects: news, stories, people, politics, culture, legal issues, history, archeology, and current events. We source and research facts, figures, and information on the ground. Our team arranges the interviewees; identifies and contacts them and makes sure that the release forms are approved.